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Angles, originally uploaded by rutty.


I’m an odd one, sometimes. OK, often. I like to take photos of the most odd, boring things to see what happens; sometimes it works but much of the time I just create something too horrible to share.

I think that this one is worth keeping though. I’ve been a member of the Utata group for nearly three years and only ever contributed to one project and as I’m trying to reignite my desire in photography I figured that Utata might be a good addition to the 365 thing.

The latest project is titled “Cornered” and I’ve been trying to find interesting edges and corneres of things. As expected I’ve taken some rather poor photos of things but this one appeals to me quite a bit. I love minimalist photos and I think this has lots of interest with the lines and shadows.

It won’t win any prizes but I like it

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