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With my internet at home temporarily (I hope!) defunct I’ve resorted to doing other things with my time. I’ve actually got through a large proportion of my ironing (well, no-one else is going to sodding do it), watched some TV and started reading again.

The book I’m reading is Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I was actually reading this while I was in Rome back in January but due to my World of Warcraft addiction seem to have forgotten all about it since.

Well, I got through a good few chapters last night. Robert Langdon is currently heading towards the secret lair of the Illuminati (I won’t reveal where that is to avoid spoilers) and it’s getting very exciting. Even if my internet came back up today I may have to make the effort to finish this book anyway.

Well, Dan Brown has included many locations in his book that were places that we visited in Rome. One of these, the Piazza Navona, is the centre of some action. Some fighting, drowning and other such excitement. However, he’s stretched the truth regarding this location to breaking point and it’s annoyed me intensely.

I think it’s fine to stretch the truth for a book of fiction, but I do find it annoying that he’s changed the physical properties of a real and existing item that I’ve visited myself. For a start, there’s no way that it’s possible to drown in there, unless you’re about six inches tall. He’s made the fountain itself so wide and deep that you could probably stick a boat in there, it would seem.

Also, Robert Langdon climbs the fountain to look into the distance. In reality, all he’d see are the surrounding buildings in Piazza Navona – it’s completely encased! Brown seems to think that he’d be able to see half of Rome.

Still, I suppose he’s done this to further the storyline at the expense of fact, something that he’s been accused of in his other books too. It is fiction after all.

It’s a shame that he feels it necessary to change things like this. I don’t think it would have taken much effort to actually stick with the facts and work the story around that. Otherwise, he’s written a hell of a book that I would recommend to anyone.

Next: the Da Vinci Code! Yes, I’ve not read it yet.

  1. In my view Angels & Demons is the best of Dan Brown’s books with Da Vinci Code a close second. What annoys me about them is the way they hand hold you through the plot, they don’t leave anything for you to work out for yourself. Still a nice easy read especially when you’re on holiday.

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