…and the Wheel turns

One of my favourite book series is The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordon. It was a monumentally long series of books – 12 in total – although Jordan sadly died before he could finish it. I’ve read the first ten and despite the tenth book being immensely dull I would love to finally get around to finding out how it all ends up.

I still need to read Knife of Dreams, the 11th in the series, but Jordan died before completing the final volume. Luckily for us Brandon Sanderson has been asked to finish it all off and this book, called A Memory of Light, will be released towards the end of the year.

To mark this event, and to jog our memories, Tor contributor Leigh Butler is reading all 11 books and commenting on each and every chapter in a series of posts over at Tor.com. This is a huge task – the first four entries are up already – but Leigh is very obviously passionate about the Wheel of Time (having already created the Wheel of Time FAQ) and she writes with wonderfully witty prose. I like her writing a lot and I’m enjoying her read-through very much.

I think I need to get hold of Knife of Dreams soon and get it read, if only to find out what happens to Egwene. In the meantime I’m going to repeat the advice that I gave to Obama for Brandon Sanderson:

Don’t fuck it up.

Many thanks for finishing off the series too.

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