Among the living

Is 40 middle aged? I don’t know about that, but I do know that I’ve been ill far more frequently that I should be since I’ve approached, and surpassed, that little benchmark.

I’ve been on the sick for the past nine days – nine! I’ve only ventured into work today because my sicknote ran out yesterday and I would have had to venture over to the docs for another one.

To be fair, I’m mostly OK now, though I’m still nursing a bit of a (rather pathetic) cough and I could have done with at least another day off. I’ve had a virus of some sort, probably a “head cold” according to the doctor. It’s taken some shifting. I’ve not really been that ill, not compared to earlier bouts of cold, but this one has just stuck with me, giving me a headache and that horrible cotton-wool-in-the-head feeling that makes you want to watch the Style channel all day and drink lemon-flavoured cold remedies.

I’ve managed to do the odd job about the house – under duress! Jo’s been good to me, but as she’s eight months pregnant I can’t really expect her to be mopping my fevered brow all day.

I’m OK now, though, and back at work. It’s a long drive here and it’s not much incentive to drive all the way down here if you’re feeling shitty.

Still. Wilko’s Max Strength Cold & Flu Remedy did its thing. Eventually; and at a quatre of the price that Lemsip charge.

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