Almost famous

Almost in this picOur band recently played at a really interesting event in the village of Ruddington. It turns out that a survivor of the famous battle of Rorke’s Drift is buried in Ruddington and our band were called in to supply the music for a memorial service for those lost in the battle against the Zulus.

We marched some 1879 re-enactment guys to the cemetary and played some music while members of the public – some of whom were descendants of the soldiers involved in the battle – deposited flowers on the grave. Some rather burly-looking Zulu warrior-alikes also provided a very entertaining display of dancing around with spears and looking angryish.

There were a lot of people watching all this and there were some TV cameras there along with a number of photographers and other media workers. I was pleased to see a story about it on the BBC too but it turns out that I’ve been so close (and yet so far) to having my photo on the BBC website. If you look closely at the photo above you can see a guy in sunglasses wearing our rather delightful band uniform. I’m stood right next to him – as obscured by the large Zulu.

Almost famous! Ish.

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