All Vaxed out

I’ve been a bit of a domestic God this evening. I’ve spent it cleaning. Well, it is Spring (ish) after all.

I bought a second-hand Vax from my mate Roger’s mum this week and I’ve been cleaning the carpet in my bedroom. It was pretty disgusting to start with and I’m not entirely sure that I’ve made much difference, but considering the amount of crap that I’ve washed down the bath plughole afterwards I think I’ve succeeded in removing a few beach-worths of crap out of it.

I’ve done half of the room so far so that I can rearrange the room tomorrow to finish the rest of it. It’s a really old carpet, and to be honest it needs a new one in here but I can hardly do that while I’m renting.

I’ve also been visiting the local laundrette to wash my quilt and mattress topper. That place eats 20p pieces and now I’m too skint to go to the Chinese. It’s too far to walk to the cashpoint so I’m cooking too – pasta, pesto and some couscous. Washed down by a nice bottle of Leffe.

Tomorrow evening I’ll get to finish Vaxing my room and dust. This is a once-a-year event, so I’ll be celebrating with a curry tomorrow night, with several cans of some excellent brewed beverage.

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