Alias season four

I finally caught up with the end of Alias season four at the weekend and I have one thing to say: bloody hell!

OK, maybe I have more than one thing to say. I love Alias, and not just because Jennifer Garner is top of my list (Ben Affleck you lucky, lucky bastard). It’s such a great program and even though they’ve simplified the plotting a bit since season one it’s still the premier US drama series of the millenium.

Season four has been excellent. That’s pretty much to type but it’s impressive that they can keep the quality going over the that many episodes. There have been plenty of shocks and twists along the way and they’ve left an absolute corker for the end of this one. They have the knack of leaving a cliff-hanger at the end and this one had me going “Noooooooooooooo!” with incredularity.

Roll on season five. I’ve missed the start of the UK run so I’m kind of screwed until the DVDs come out. I’m far too honest, of course, to obtain through more illegal means.

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