Alan ate all the pie

There was no pie for me this lunchtime, much to my disappointment. Wednesday is the busy day at the New Venture Social Club as it’s roast day and the place is usually swarming with the retired and hungry (often both together) and we were about five minutes later than usual.

I could see the pie-level diminishing as I approached the counter and it soon became so low that there was only one piece left. It was Steak and Guinness pie. This is the only flavour of pie that Alan likes and as he’s only working in Beeston for a couple of days this week I took pity on him and allowed him to eat the very last piece, despite the fact that he was behind me in the queue. Nora, the delightful serving lady, could see the crushing disappointment on my face.

I had to eat Roast Turkey instead, which was actually rather nice. I had a large portion of stuffing too. I like a good stuffing (fnaarrr).

Still, Al owes me big time. He ate all the pie.

(This post dedicated to Lol *waves* )

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