General Chunterings

Ageism stinks

I’ve been looking for some temporary accomodation recently and went round to look at a house in Beeston last Friday. It’s a house-share thing with three rooms, only one of which is occupied at the moment by some 25 year-old female teachers’ assistant.

Well, the house was rather nice, small but with character and there was a decent-sized double room that I could have had fairly cheaply. It would have suited me just fine. However, the present incumbant had other ideas. The landlady was kind enough to ask her if she minded some 35 year old bloke moving in, and apparently this young lady said that she preferred to live with someone “more her own age”. Shite.

That’s great, because 35 (well, 35 next month) is so bloody ancient isn’t it? Pah!

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