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After The Coup – John Scalzi

US Sci-Fi and Fantasy book publishers Tor have launched their new website recently and are celebrating this event with a couple of free stories.

The first of these is by one of my new favourite authors, John Scalzi. I really enjoyed his novel Old Man’s War and his US publisher, Tor, have persuaded him to write a short story set in the same universe. It features one of the main side-characters from that first novel, Harry, and can be downloaded in multiple formats, or just read on the webpage in plain text, right over HERE.

It’s very good. 24 pages of an amusing little episode where Harry gets to have his face punched in. It’s certainly not very serious stuff but it does set the tone for the novels. If you like this, and you probably will, then you’ll love the novels.

I really should get hold of The Ghost Brigades before too long. Thank you Tor for the free stuff, and thanks to John Scalzi for giving us the new story.

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