African Throne Room

There was an old African king and he decided that he wanted to have the largest throne in Africa. So he had his workers come build him a huge wooden 8′ throne.

One day he dies, and his son decides that his will be the greatest throne ever. So he has his father’s throne moved to the palace attic and has a huge 10′ throne built.

One day he too dies and his son again decides to have the greatest throne of all time. So again the current throne is moved to the attic and a new 12′ throne is built. but the palace can no longer hold the weight of thrones and the roof caves in, killing the king.

The moral? You shouldn’t stow thrones if you live in a grass house.


Yorkshire man at the vets, “Will you have a look at my cat?”

Vet, “Is it a tom?”

Yorkshireman, “No its in t’basket”

Cheers Matt

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