About Me

About Me

These “About Me” pages usually include lots of not-very interesting information about not-very interesting bloggers, so who am I to buck the trend?

I’m not going to prattle-on too much about myself. I’ll leave the verbal diarrhoea to my blog posts.

Turn that Frown Upside DownWell, I’m a Yorkshireman by birth and rather bloody proud of that fact, thank-you very much. I was born in the famous Jimmy’s in Leeds in the very late 60s and was dragged up by my superb parents in Roundhay (initially) and then Headingley. We lived within easy parking distance to the cricket/rugby ground. Which was nice on Test Match days.

Once I left school after my A-levels I spurned the chance of a University education and headed for the much more exciting lifestyle choice of military service in the Royal Air Force. I was a telecommunications technician and I served at RAF Coningsby (7 years) and RAF Brize Norton (TCW).

I really enjoyed my time of service but decided that I’d be better leaving at 30 rather than signing on for a further 10 years, so I left and became a System Proving Engineer for Marconi in Beeston, Nottingham. The powers-that-be in Marconi made some shockingly bad business decisions and the company ended up going down the toilet, only for Ericsson to turn up and take us over.

I spent a lot of time testing SDH systems in a lab environment. It was a “whole system” test, so much of our testing was aimed at the management systems rather than the Network Elements themselves, although we did have to know a bit about those too. Lots of Unix and a dash of Linux too. Some more modern communications protocols are invading our safe SDH haven and we had to figure out how all the TCP/IP data stuff works too. It was very interesting and kept the old brain ticking over nicely.

Notice the past-tense. We were all made redundant back in 2010 in what seemed like an utterly insane decision by Ericsson. Still, I got a deposit for a house out of it. Silver linings and all that.

I have since worked for 5 years on a really good project (for Natural England) at Atos in Beeston, only 15 minutes walk from my house. When that project started to wind down it became obvious that I’d be expected to travel the UK for project work. This didn’t seem appealing to me, so I bailed and now work for the University of Nottingham as a software tester. I love it here, and hope to be around for many years.

I’ve had mixed success in my personal life. I’ve been married and divorced (like so many people) but I’m now in a very happy marriage with an extremely lovely young lady called Jo. We have managed to create an amazing daughter Ruby. There are several posts about this on my blog, but Jo and Ruby fill me with joy more than anything else in this world.

I have an unhealthy love for brass bands and photography. I sometimes do both at the same time, although it’s extremely hard to play my cornet while trying to take a photo. I play with a Nottingham-based brass band called Carlton Brass and I love it! I have a Canon Eos 400D and really enjoy taking photos of all sorts of weird stuff.

This blog is just going to be a bit of a brain dump. I like to write but my writing style tends to me a partially incoherent stream of conciousness, something I’m hoping to improve on. I’ve been lazy with my blogging recently but I do intend to write more opinion pieces on various topics of interest.

Here ends “About Me”