A Wedding in Ireland, Captain Slow and Oz Clarke

Jo and I have had a rather amazing weekend away in Ireland. We flew to Dublin on Friday so that we could attend the wedding of a friend at Kilkea Castle and we had an amazing time. Kilkea Castle has a Championship-class golf course and even though I didn’t have time for a round of golf we did get to stay at the lovely Golf Lodges.

The place is lovely – well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Kilkea Castle (by rutty)

The wedding itself was amazing. Both families were Catholic and the bride’s family were historically from that part of Ireland. Both the bride’s and groom’s families had moved over to Nottingham over the years and so there was a mass exodus of Nottingham-based Irish Catholics heading over the water back to the homeland over the weekend. It seemed a little strange meeting so many Notts folk at an Irish wedding in Ireland!

The ceremony was shortened a bit – only an hour – and didn’t feature any latin, thankfully. It was nice, though, and the Priest was very sweet and rather amusing. Obviously religion isn’t really my bag but I found the whole thing very interesting even if I wasn’t willing to join in the kneeling and praying.

The reception was incredible. We had some amazing food – the sea bass was divine – and there were some hilarious speeches from the two best men. The bride’s father was really sweet and you could see how much he loved his daughter and new son-in-law. There was some dancing, an excellent Irish band and a disco that kept everyone drinking and cavorting until gone 3am. Brilliant!

All the best things come to an end at some point and we had to head home on Sunday, but not before visiting some very picturesque parts of County Wicklow. It’s lovely and we’re really going to have to visit again sometime.

James May and Oz Clarke

We headed back to Dublin to drop off our hire car (there’s another post coming about this later, hopefully) and catch our flight home with Ryanair. It turns out that we were to be joined in our journey home that evening by none other than James May and Oz Clarke. They must have been filming in Ireland for their new series or something. Luckily for us one of our friends, Denise, was brave enough to approach them at baggage recovery in East Midlands Airport so that we could catch a photo of them.

It turns out that James May really is that scruffy in real life, although he did appear to be a very, very pleasant sort of chap, as did Oz Clarke. They didn’t mind posing for photos at all. Bless ’em.

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