A short catch-up

It’s been a busy old time recently so here’s a little synopsis of how things have been going.

Our wedding was lovely. Jo looked spectacularly gorgeous in her red dress and I’ve never been so proud as when I saw her walking into our wedding. I was nervous, but proud and very, very happy. The day was almost spoiled by the non-arrival of our photographer (speculative enquiry my ARSE) but we muddled through with Jen taking numerous photos with my camera and Carol’s compact shots being augmented by our wedding coordinator (Pascal). Not ideal but what can you do?

We were determined not to let the incompetence of others ruin our day, and so we did our best to take as many photos as possible in the lovely grounds of Langar Hall. It’s a beautiful place and we found a few beautiful spots (in the impossibly sunny weather) to fill up our memory cards. It’s going to take me a while to edit my way through that lot!

The dinner was beautiful. The food here is really, really good and they source their produce from local suppliers where possible. They get their lamb from the fluffy little animals grazing in their own fields! The Langar Lamb is delicious but everything we ate was equally good. It’s worth coming over here for dinner, never mind getting married. Doing both was just bliss.

Pascal, and the rest of the Langar Hall team, did everything they could to make our day as special as possible. We really owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you!

Once our wedding “breakfast” was finished I phoned my parents and sister to give them the good news. We certainly took them by surprise – my mum called my a “rotten divel” in true Leeds style – but everyone seemed pleased and at least we’re going to have a party in August so that everyone can celebrate with us.

We said goodbye to Langar Hall on Friday and headed down to Coventry to reveal our under-handedness to Jo’s parents. Jo’s mum was really pleased and had already guessed that we’d do something like this. Her dad seemed a little more difficult to win over but it looks like he’s come around to the idea.

We do feel a little guilty about excluding our loved ones from our wedding but we really wanted to have our wedding like this. No fuss and with only a small party- it really worked out for the best for us. Purely selfish reasons and we hope that our families understand.

Saturday was spent basking in the glory of our marriedness.

Sunday we headed off on Honeymoon, where we’ll be visiting a few friends on our way down to the south coast before heading to Cornwall for a week in a converted barn.

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