A Hat Full of Sky

I’ve just finished this book yesterday. It was so good that I only took a couple of days to read it – Terry Pratchett must be one of the most consistantly funny authors around. I have no idea how he does it.

A Hat Full of Sky is supposed to be a children’s book, but I didn’t feel at all that I was reading a book for kids. Like the book before it (Wee Free Men) we follow the adventures of preteen witch Tiffany Aching and the blue pictsies the Nac Mac Feegles around a new part of the Discworld.

Tiffany is despatched off to be taught the craft by an old witch by the name of Miss Level. Unfortunately an ancient beast called a Hiver has felt her power and is in pursuit. Luckily for her the Nac Mac Feegle have noticed and are hurrying to save her.

Along the way we meet arch-witch Granny Weatherwax, a group of snotty teen witches and a whole village full of weird inhabitants, all described in Pratchett’s wonderful prose.

A must-buy for all Discworld fans.

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