A Christmas Finalé

Christmas always starts early for me. I don’t want it to, but I play in a brass band, and so I’m required to practice Yuletide tunes as early as late October some years. I am usually utterly fed up of Christmas three weeks before it actually arrives.

This year has been a bit better on that front. We have a new Musical Director who’s brought some new musical ideas in, and so we’ve been playing music new to us. There’s been some quite challenging music too, which is great, and I’m always happiest learning and playing music I’ve not had a chance to perform before.

We’ve had two rather excellent pieces of music in our repertoire this year; 3 Kings Swing (which features a monster solo on my part) and Eric Ball’s masterpiece A Kingdom Triumphant. I’ve really enjoyed those.

Anyway, in my search for new music I’ve found a really nice arrangement of the usual Christmas tunes by a composer called Paul Lovatt-Cooper. His piece is called ‘Christmas Finalé, and it sounds pretty tricky to play but very effective as a concert closer. I’d love to give this a go!

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