A bit parky

Fuck me it's coldThe city of Toronto had an extreme weather warning last night. The forecast was for unusually cold weather, dipping to -35 degrees Celsius with the windchill factored in, and bugger me if it wasn’t a tad frosty this morning.

The pic you see on the left is of my sister’s kitchen window. The cold weather had caused the interesting flake shapes on the glass, like snowflakes only stuck to the glass.

We actually went shopping this morning too for a Christmas gift from Future (kind of like a Canadian Currys) and also to have a visit to Walmart. It’s funny, because Walmart is just ASDA abroad, although I’m not too sure if Walmart has become more like ASDA or if ASDA has changed to be more like Walmart when the companies merged (excuse the blathering, I’m just making sure that there’s enough space between images, otherwise the archive will look all wonky).

We wrapped up warm and all that but any exposed skin was chilled instantly. It was almost difficult to breath sometimes. Thankfully it did warm up later on to a rather balmy -15 or so.

Fuck me it's cold againAt that point I thought it would be a good idea to disappear off for an hour or so for a walk. I’d quite enjoyed my visit to the beach the other day and I thought that the cold weather would make some interesting pictures. It was amazing to see the Bay frozen over and the ice along the lake shore. You can see my most recent pics in my GALLERY which I’ve added to today.

While I was on my walk there were very few people about. No doubt the locals have more sense to be walking around in sub-zero temperatures, inlike this idiot Englishman. There were a few people walking their dogs and a single jogger though, hardy people all. I could have done with a pair of longjohns and a decent pair of mittens, or rather I should have just stayed in and watched the cold weather out of the window or on the weather channel.

It is of some consellation that further north the weather is much more severe generally. Toronto has had a bit of snow, but they’re going to be buried in the stuff a little further up. Nice!

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