9/1/2018 Toys

9/1/2018 Toys
9/1/2018 Toys by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

I wish I’d had access to these toys as a kid. I’d have been in heaven. Instead, nearly 50 year-old me is cockahoop to be messing about with a Raspberry Pi and accessories.

The Bluetooth keyboard is very useful with the Pi, as it enables me to type properly into a terminal while setting up various applications. The keyboard also doubles as a remote for Plex or Kodi.

I’m currently trying to work out how best to use it for my tellybox needs. I’ve currently installed kodi and then using the Plex app within that, but I’m thinking this is causing too many button presses to get to the movies in my collection. I’m thinking of going full Plex, and installing a Pi build called Rasplex.

At the moment it’s not very stable. I shall see how Rasplex goes.

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