2017 Year In Pictures

89/365 Warped

“89/365 Warped” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

I am, on the surface, a very sensible, level-headed gentleman that prefers simple things. I prefer to avoid extreme emotional variations. You won’t find me base-jumping or extreme ironing, but I do like a bit of science and brass band music.

I am quite square.

Underneath, there is a part of me that is utterly warped. I listen to all kinds of weird and wonderful extreme metal bands, enjoy horror films and am quite happy watching a nice bit of murderous activity in my telly choices on Netflix.

Perhaps we are all a bit like this, I don’t know. I keep that part of me more private, but not hidden. I like having variable interests, and while I prefer not to put myself into stressful situations I accept that sometimes it is better to do so.

I am square, but also a bit weird. This is why I am taking selfies in hand-dryer reflections in a public toilet.

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