8 secs

8 secs, originally uploaded by rutty.

8 Seconds – An eight second exposure. That’s your only requirement. 8 seconds. Not 7. Not 9. Eight.

8 seconds exactly here. I always work in aperture priority so it was good to try out the other options. I set it to Shutter priority (8 seconds obviously) and just pointed my camera out of the window of the coach I was on while travelling back from London to Oxford. It was night-time and it was a bumpy ride!

I did a few of these but we went past a fairly famous building on the A40 (I think) called the Hoover Building. Hoover used to own it, might be Tescos now. Well, they own everything else! And there was a Tesco sign outside for some reason. Anyway, this building was lit up in bright green so I managed to get that streaking across my exposure as well as the street lights above and cars below.

Came out great! I upped the saturation and contrast to make the colours pop.

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