2017 Year In Pictures

67/365 Waiting for the tram

67/365 Waiting for the tram

These Dr Martens boots are well travelled. I walk to work in them every day and they are quite possibly the most comfortable footwear I’ve ever had. Those Airwair soles are something else.

I do occasionally have to take a tram. I’d prefer to walk, but my legs can only carry me at a certain pace. I’m fairly swift with my long legs, but I do need to collect my daughter from a friend’s house after school. It’s about a five mile walk to get her, and I don’t suppose she’d like the walk home either, so I get the tram to collect the car to collect her.

The tram did have quite a bit of opposition while it was being built, and it’s still unpopular among those that were worst affected by the works. However, it is normally very quick, reasonably priced and reliable; as long as some idiot hasn’t tried to drive up one of the tram bridges and got stuck.

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