60/365 Quiet Contemplation

60/365 Quiet Contemplation

Our lives seem to be constantly hectic, a parade of busyness. Work, children, hobbies; they hurtle past in time at an accelerating pace. The older I get the faster these things seem to happen.

So, it is important to take a break every so often, to rest the brain and think of nothing – or at least very little.

This photo is one of a few areas I use for quiet contemplation. It is where I can find a moment of zen, to pause the hurly-burly of work and to think of simpler things. It is an oasis for business.

I sometimes think of poetry while I am here. Here is an old ‘traditional’ folk poem that often comes to mind while I am here:

Here I sat
spent a penny
but only farted.

It is these little moments that illuminate the important things in life. Find your place and relax your mind.

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