6/1/2018 PHEV

6/1/2018 PHEV
6/1/2018 PHEV by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

We are on the prowl for new wheels. Our current car is very nice (A Seat Leon) but the lease is up in September and we have been thinking about going electric. We’re not sure about fully EV cars (range is an issue) but there are a consideration.

It is more likely that we’ll plump for a plug-in hybrid, like this Kia Niro. We took one for a drive today and we were impressed. It’s such a nice car to drive and would give us plenty of space inside. It has around 36 miles of electric-only range but a massive (theoretical) hybrid fuel consumption of 217MPG.

I know we’re not likely to every get there (or anywhere near it) but as most of our journeys are fairly short we could travel on the batteries for the school runs and band and only kick in the petrol motor on longer journeys. We might even get away with only one refuel a month.

It’s an interesting time in the car industry. It’s all about the hybrids and EVs now. The new Nissan Leaf looks very interesting (but expensive) and I would love to get a Tesla (even more expensive!). I think a plugin Hybrid is good for now, then a full EV for the next car in three years when the range and cost has improved.

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