2017 Year In Pictures

58/365 Pathfinder

58/365 Pathfinder

It’s not often that I get on a bus, but I do when needs must. This evening my wife had the car, so I needed some other method of getting to band practice in Burton Joyce. I had to wait for our babysitter, so the tram/bus or bus/bus combos were the only option.

I took the tram into town, got out at Market Square and walked up to King Street to get the 100, the only bus that seems to go anywhere near Burton Joyce from town. They only set off once an hour at this time of night, and the one I got onto broke down before it even set off. Typical.

Thankfully, the bus company managed to send a new bus and I was on my way – need to get some decent practise in on Land of the Long White Cloud.

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