56/365 Done. Ish

56/365 Done. Ish

We decided that our downstairs toilet needed decorating, so we’ve been doing some major buggering about in there. It was in a bit of a state, requiring removal of some very old wallpaper, filling in of holes in the ancient plaster, and completely repainting. The flooring was some nasty lino, so my wife decided to look on Freecycle for something to replace it with.

This resulted in a large pile of laminate flooring that someone had ripped up, including the underlay. This turned out to be enough flooring to pretty much replace the entire downstairs. So, we decided to rip up the awful carpet in the hallway too.

I’ve been laying this new flooring down over the last couple of weeks, in whatever spare time I had. It’s in pretty good shape for second-hand (and free!) and looks great. I just need to do the beading around the sides and the bit between doors now.

Oh, and I’m yet to complete the downstairs toilet floor. It’s only a small bit, but I’m not looking forward to shaping the laminate around the base of our toilet.

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