46/365 DevOps

46/365 DevOps

I went to the monthly Notts Agile tonight. The talks were both quite Enterprise-centric, in that both speakers were movers and shakers at Worldline. They’re enormous in the micropayment industry, and have long histories in public transport.

The first talk was about the emerging importance of DevOps. I’ve never really had a chance at working in a DevOps project, but the ideas behind it seem sound to me. Traditional approaches to software development probably find the whole thing a bit of a nightmare (they like their gatekeepers) but I do like the look of approaches that give enabled professionals (who know what they’re doing) the authority to just get stuff done.

There were loads of good points in the talk by David Daly, and it gave me plenty to think about.

Next up was pizza, as is the norm.

After I’d on-loaded enough calories for two people into my stomach we had the second talk – a discussion about Digital Enablement; the move from the old ways (usually paper-based) to entirely digital work. The talk was by Worldline CTO Ryan Bryers, who obviously ‘gets’ Agile. Loads of good content about moving towards the new Digital era, especially the parts that talked about using more of a 3-speed approach rather than 2-speed.

This probably isn’t the sexiest thing to do on a Wednesday evening, but I do seem to have gained an additional thirst for learning late in the working day for me.

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