43/365 Waterstones

43/365 Waterstones

Ruby had some money left-over from Christmas on a couple of Waterstones gift cards, so we had a trip into town to see if there was anything that she took a fancy to.

Her first port of call was the sticker books. She loves stories, but for some reason she loves putting stickers in books a little bit more. We have plenty of these at home, so we persuaded her to look at some other things.

She ended up buying one story book, a small slinky and some other little bits and pieces. We are glad that she enjoys a trip to a bookstore – I still get a thrill visiting them myself.

Afterwards we went to the Nottingham Contemporary to see the galleries there. We had a great time looking at some very challenging art; some of it relating to the struggles that ethnic minorities had in the 80s. These things are hard to relate to a seven year-old, especially as these sorts of incidents aren’t so prominent these days.

We don’t mind her seeing some of the more adult arty content, but we were glad that she wouldn’t have recognised a couple of obvious painted vaginas on one piece. She had have a giggle at one painting that had a massive erection with a hair-drier at the end. She thought that was very funny.

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