43 Things

I’ve come across this really interesting site called 43 Things. It’s a goal-oriented monster blog, or so it seems, where people enter their life goals, however trivial or life-changing that they may be, then blog about it on the site. If you sign up you can even configure it so that it automagically cross-posts it onto your own blog, like I’ve done already here.

I suppose it’s an experiment in social engineering, in that you can find people that are attempting or desiring the same things that you are, and you can discuss it in the comments for each entry. I’ve entered a couple of things that I want to do so far – 41 more things to add.

I have no idea why it’s 43 things rather than 78 or 34 or some other number, but I suppose that’s all irrelevant. Have a go – it’s an excellent idea.

By rutty

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  1. 43things

    I’d seen 43things in the past but hadn’t really spent any time checking it out, but as a result of a post by rutty I’ve started to put somethings on their. Whether it will make a difference to what I actually achieve we’ll have to wait and see.

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