362/365 Shopping

362/365 Shopping
362/365 Shopping by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

This cannot be escaped post-Christmas – sales shopping.

I’m not a fan of shops, or other areas where large quantities of people congregate generally, but you’d be daft not to actually look at buying stuff you were going to get anyway while it is cheaper.

We headed towards Intu Derby first thing today to do just that. Jo had her eye on populating her birthday present store with bargains, while I had my eye on some socks. Ruby has some money to spend, so we were all keen on getting something cheap.

Jo shopped up a storm, finding gifts for many friends and family members. There was the obligatory purchase of half-price wrapping paper too, along with a few things for herself. I managed to find two. Pairs of jeans in Superdry that were absolute bargains, but failed to get any socks; so I purchased those from Amazon – while sitting in the shopping centre.

Ruby kept most of her money and, thankfully, didn’t buy all the shiny things, but did get herself some spectacular new boots and some bits and pieces from Smiggle (her favourite shop).

Home by lunchtime for recycled Christmas munchies and a good rest.

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