361/365 Knackered

361/365 Knackered
361/365 Knackered by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

We are not used to all this excitement.

We have all had an amazing time visiting family. We’ve had more food than is generally sensible, had a quiz, enjoyed many beers (or whatever beverage was preferred) and stayed up late. Then, this morning, we walked all the way around Golden Acre Park while it wasn’t raining; a lovely way to spend an hour or two.

After a quick visit to an aged relative in a home nearby we headed back to Nottingham. We are all really tired. I cannot remember the last time I ate so much food, and so didn’t sleep the best last night. Ruby was up late chatting to her cousin. This is the result – a sleepy Ruby in the back of the car.


A quiet day is required tomorrow.

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