360/365 LUFC Tree

360/365 LUFC Tree
360/365 LUFC Tree by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

We are visiting many relatives today, as is traditional in our family. We have been to see my Dad and Step-mum, and am now at my Auntie’s house for the feed of my life.

My Uncle and his children are massive Leeds United fans. I’m more of an armchair fan, but do keep tabs on the goings on of my team. There has been quite a lot of despair from the LUFC camp over recent seasons, with odd bit of optimism. Terrible, terrible optimism.

Leeds have definitely had an awful decade or two, but recent seasons have started to suggest things are on the up. We missed out on the playoffs by one depressing place last year, and have been – briefly – top of the Championship this season after a fantastic start.

It’s not been all Messi-level football, and there was an awful dip in form during October and November, but Leeds have been the form team in December and are back in the top 5.

My cousin paid for a day pass so we could watch today’s game – which ended with another win, though some rather average football. The day was made even better with some fantastic food and some fabulous company too.

We have having a great Christmas!

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