358/365 West Park

358/365 West Park
358/365 West Park by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

We have a bit of free time on this Christmas Eve, so what do we do? The weather isn’t exactly filling us with confidence – it is cold and a bit damp – but it’s at least not currently raining.

So, we wrap up warm and head into the thriving metropolis that is Long Eaton. West Park is our destination. A nice, little park for us to walk around and blow off a few cobwebs before the insanity of Christmas properly kicks off.

There are some good paths around West Park, along with a trim trail of free gym equipment for those wanting to keep fit. Ruby loves these machines, so had a go on each one as she went around. There’s also a play area, which we had a go on (all of us!) before continuing our walk around.

We got the far side and discovered some excellent murals on the side of some adjoining old buildings. These were painted by the local schools and provide some good imaginative play scenarios for the local kids. Ruby enjoyed pretending to work at a Post Office, feed some horses and assist this chap with his rowing.

A worthwhile excursion, even though the cafe was shut.

Here’s an extra shot of the Post Office. Top work!

by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

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