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354/365 Ingenuity Centre

354/365 Ingenuity Centre
354/365 Ingenuity Centre by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

I went to my very first conference today. I’m nearly fifty years old and have never made it to one before. This is mostly due to tight-arsed employers (everyone I’ve ever worked for has failed to pay when I’ve requested to go to one) and I’ve only gone to this one because my work is hosting it (and it’s essentially free).

However, I am pleased to have finally popped my conference virginity. It was held at the Jubilee Campus and had some very interesting talks. Even the keynote about medium term plans was made vaguely amusing by an entertaining turn by our CFO. We also had some inspiring words from our new VC Professor Shearer West.

The best keynote was one about social media in HE by the very entertaining and knowledgeable Eric Stoller. He had us all considering how we might use Twitter et al for the betterment of the University.

I had an enlightening introduction to Mindfulness for my morning breakout session – I’ll be booking a course in the new year – then spent some time learning how to maintain working relationships in the afternoon.

Most importantly there was free food. I was happy.

On the way home I took some photos of some of the fabulous buildings on this campus. The Ingenuity Building has a fascinating facade.

Here it is in colour. Other fascinating building are also available at this location.

by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

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