350/365 400m

350/365 400m 350/365 400m by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

We are very proud of our little mermaid. Ruby has been going to Quackers Swimming School for a few years now and she’s tried hard, learned all her strokes and is now in the Advanced 1 Class.

She gets to spend a whole hour in the pool every Saturday morning, swimming up and down and performing a number of water skills. The end of term is near and we have collected her awards from her efforts over the last few months.

She’s done really well and has collected these two badges: 400m and Water Skills 4. I am fairly sure that I cannot swim 400m in a single go, but Ruby has done so. Amazing! She’s also learned enough activities to get the Water Skills badge.

Her strokes are all looking pretty solid, especially her front crawl and back crawl, and she often ends up swimming upwards of 30 lengths of a lesson. Not bad for 8!

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