348/365 The Last Jedi

348/365 The Last Jedi
348/365 The Last Jedi by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Luck would have it that I am off work on the very day that the new Star Wars film is released, so I have gone to see it. I have taken Ruby too, because she loves Star Wars rather a lot (and also I am not allowed to leave her alone at home for some reason).

We went to our local Showcase cinema, which turned out to be not quite as full as expected. Most schools are still in and folks are at work, so we managed to get some good seats!

Both Ruby and I loved the film very much. It’s a bit overlong, but has some fantastic dialogue and hugely enjoyable action scenes. Daisy Ridley is brilliant as Rey, but the whole cast is great too. New character Rose almost steals the show, while Adam Driver is proving to be terrific bad guy material.

I wasn’t sure that Mark Hamill would be particularly good in this – I didn’t really rate his acting in the original trilogy – but he is very good indeed in this. A very convincing Jedi Master with some of the best lines in the film.

I am very glad that these films are proving to be hugely entertaining, especially after the flawed prequels. Disney are doing a fabulous job with adding to the canon.

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