2017 Year In Pictures

347/365 Cannoli

347/365 Cannoli 347/365 Cannoli by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

I have today off work for childcare reasons. Ruby’s school has already broken off for Christmas (!) and apparently it is considered poor parenting to leave your children alone at home while you go to work.

So, here we are enjoying a snack at a new Greek-style bakery in Beeston. It’s called Christine’s Delights and it sells some amazing-looking baked goods, along with the usual teas and coffees (and other treats).

Ruby and I tried these cannoli, which are utterly, bloody delicious. We are certainly coming back here again, especially as Christine has made something called a ‘burger-pie’ – which appears to be one of the most delicious-sounding things I can imagine.



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