339/365 Baubles

339/365 Baubles
339/365 Baubles by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

I am a reluctant participant in Christmas. I’m not religious – so there’s always way too much little baby Jesus for me – but I’m also resistant to all the gaudy nonsense that happens at this time of year.

I like the tradition of it of course, but I do not like the forced jollity of tinsel, baubles and flashing bloody christmas lights. I have certainly enjoyed Christmas way more since Ruby was born, but I could live without all the decorations.

Obviously the day when the office decorations go up always fills me with joy and happiness (and goodwill to all men).

The best bit about this day is that I am often called upon to reach those high parts with decorations in hand. Being tall means that I am needed to hang the baubles, so hang the baubles I did.

Baubles, indeed.

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