338/365 Space

338/365 Space
338/365 Space by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

I haven’t done one of these in a while: take a photo while lying in bed because I’ve forgotten to take one during the day and I can’t be bothered getting my lazy arse out of bed to take one with a light on (run-on sentence a-go-go).

I’d have been gutted if I’d missed my second day of the year at this late stage, so am glad I at least attempted to take a photo.

So, this one was taken with the Camera+ app. It has manual controls, so you can change the exposure and shutter times if you like. The long exposure settings don’t seem to work like they would with a dSLR – the camera seems to do a long merge of the image rather than constantly expose the sensor – but the effect was quite interesting. This was a 30 second hand-held exposure.

This is my bedside lamp at an angle. It kind of looks like a lunar surface as taken by some distant probe, so this is what I am going to pretend that it is.

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