2017 Year In Pictures

335/365 Three Kings Swing

335/365 Three Kings Swing
335/365 Three Kings Swing by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

It’s that time of year again; our first Christmas concert of the 2017 festive season. We’ve been rehearsing various Yuletide ditties since late October, so we are well prepared for the oncoming barrage of Santa-related tuneage.

One piece we play is the one visible on the right of my stand here; Three Kings Swing. It’s a fantastic jazzy variation of a famous tradition theme, one often associated with Christmas. It has an utterly terrifying solo in the middle for Repiano cornet, one certain to stretch the abilities and nerve of even the most competent cornet player.

Today, I am that Repiano. That solo is mine. I will stand up a few bars before and play some of the correct notes in a generally jazzy style, while being partially blinded by my varifocal lenses – it’s really hard to see music when standing up. I will attempt to play at the correct speed, with an easy style, while avoiding the terror taking over my fingers.

I love it.

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