310/365 iPad Pro

310/365 iPad Pro
310/365 iPad Pro by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

This is my new main piece of IT – an iPad Pro.

My iMac is now over ten years old, and while I love it’s beautiful 24” screen it is getting too old and too slow. It performs admirably for such an old machine, but it has had its day. I needed to find a suitable replacement.

My thinking was that I am now more prone to want to do stuff on a computer while sitting on the sofa or in the garden, so I considered a laptop. I’m fairly well tied into the Apple ecosystem, so looked at a MacBook, but the ones I liked were very expensive.

So, here I am with an iPad Pro. It’s neither a laptop or merely a tablet, but somewhere in the middle. It’s very fast and does almost everything I need a computer to do. I am very happy with it!

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