30 Days of Tools – Day 3

OK, so after day 2’s rather vague questions we have something a bit more concrete for day 3:

Share how you evaluate a new tool

  • How do you discover all the things you like/dislike about a new tool?

I have two main ways of doing this: by reading the reviews and by giving it a go. The absolutely best way of finding out if a tool is fit for purpose or not is to try it. I sometimes try out new tools during training, like one of the free courses on Test Automation University.

  • What do you rely on to make a reasonable evaluation of a new tool?

I use my own (excellent) judgment obviously (I’ll be using it), but often I can be deterred or encouraged by reviews, or the opinions of my testing peers

  • How do you know you’ve found “the one”?

Results! If it’s too difficult to use or doesn’t give me what I want then it gets uninstalled and/or chucked in the bin.

  • What is the biggest turn-off when evaluating a new tool?

Too many features. If a tool tries to be all things to all testers and has a million menu options then it is going to be a big turn off for me. I much prefer a tool to do one thing, and do it well. For instance, for test management I’ve really liked using Test Rail over more complicated options, because it doesn’t try to be a huge monolithic testing tool. It’s mostly simple to use and integrates nicely with some other tools.

Right, those questions were much better than yesterday’s, and I’ve done two of these challengers in one day. Hurrah!

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