30 Days of Tools – Day 2

Well, that didn’t last long did it? I’m onto day 2 but I’m already six days behind. I should have predicted that I’d be doing this in my own time rather than in tandem with the challenge, but here we are. At least I’m doing day 2 rather than just mucking about on twitter.

So, what are the questions for today’s challenge?

What makes a tool a testing tool?

  • What’s your definition of a testing tool?

Oh, this is one of those questions. I know this going to sound rather like circular reasoning, but testing tools are tools we use for testing. These can be absolutely anything that we use in our tasks; from Excel to post-it notes, from Postman to Fiddler and that fancy automation tool that we’re all trying out.

I suppose I could whittle this down a bit to only include things that are specifically helpful to testing, but there are so many things that are useful in testing (pen and paper for sketching and mind-mapping, white boards, Excel for keeping tabs on stuff and making charts) where do you stop?

  • How do you know it’s a testing tool?

Or, how do I know if it’s a good testing tool? I’ve used some tools that have been actively harmful to my testing (hello ALM, Jira etc for making everything take so much longer) but they are still, I suppose, testing tools. Let’s just not worry about it, eh? If I use it for testing then it’s a testing tool.

  • What things help you decide if a tool is not a testing tool?

I am unconcerned with these kinds of decisions

Right. Onto day 3 before Halloween?

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