24/365 Tracks

24/365 Tracks

Over the last few years Beeston (along with many parts of Nottingham) has had a considerable amount of disruption due to the construction of Phase 2 of the NET Tram network. We all hated it when it was being built, but it has been up and running for just over a year now and it has become just another mode of transport for many.

There are still some folks who detest it with a passion – understandably, for those that now have a sodding great tram travelling through what used to be their back or front gardens – but it is well used and great for the daily commute. There can be disruption due to idiots attempting to drive over the tram bridges or frozen power lines, but in general it works pretty well.

I tend to walk to and from work – cost effectiveness in action – but will use the tram when I need to get somewhere quickly. It’s great for getting into town in particular – it’s usually quite a bit faster than the buses.

There was a love sunset on the way home tonight. The setting sun was showing through the tram power lines and on to the tracks. By the time I got to this section the colour had died off somewhat – not that you can tell in black and white.

I did two versions of this – one with the iOS app ‘Dramatic Black and White’ and the other (this one) with Snapseed. I prefer this one I think – a bit more detail.

The other one is here for comparison purposes:


…and here is a colour version:

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