2017 Year In Pictures

23/365 F in Freezing

23/365 F in Freezing

The weather has been uniformly rubbish all year, with only a few glances of sunshine. It’s not even provided any decent snow around here; we’ve just had grey clouds, drizzle and a bit of fog. Rubbish.

There was a bit more fog about than usual this morning so I diverted through Highfields Park on the way to work. I love taking photos in fog – some of my favourite early photos with my 400D were taken in fog – and there were some nice scenes on my route.

It turns out, though, that my iPhone can’t cope with these conditions. All the photos I took this morning contain loads of artifacts where the low light has caused the sensor problems. I thought this photo was the best of the ones I took, but please don’t look too closely!

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