2020 already?

Back at the beginning of last year I said something or other about writing more in 2019. I was just chock-full of enthusiasm about it too. Maybe.

I wrote four posts, including that one.

It’s difficult to argue that this was anywhere near the definition of ‘write more’, however I find myself starting another year with a desire to do just that. I’ve got all sorts of ideas for the year and it’s about time I pulled my finger out and did some of them.

I have completed an entire year of ‘Year in Pictures’ in 2019 (which you can see on Flickr) and I intend to do this again this year. I’ll blog about it here too, maybe very day. Check out my optimism! I’m starting out with a theme of abstract images: I may change my mind later on but it’s a theme I like and something I want to do more of. Here’s my first one:

Uncorked 1/366/2020

I’ve got a talk at Agile Nottingham coming up in April, so I’ll be preparing for that. This should inspire a post or two, you never know. The talk is about procrastination, so there’s a non-zero chance that I’ll just prepare the talk an hour before and wing it.

(I won’t, or at least I’m intending to avoid putting off the talk planning until just before – that’s the whole point of my talk!)

I’m likely to blog about banding and testing, my two favourite activities away from my family. It’s not impossible I’ll find new things to write about that interest me: I’ve never restricted myself to a topic on this blog, hence the sprawling mess of categories. Oh well!

I also hope to write about systems thinking. I intended to learn so much more about this in 2019 and did a poor job of engaging with it. Let’s do something about it this year, eh? Best foot forward and all that.

I have not written any best of 2019 posts and I think it’s unlikely I’ll get around to it. Good.

Bring on the new year! There’s been an awful lot of shite going on over the last few years so let’s hope that 2020 brings some joy and wonder for all. I am less optimistic that our political leaders are capable of this, but you never know.

Have a good one!

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