Year: 2011

Happy birthday Ruby

I’m not sure how this has happened so quickly, but it turns out that our little girl is already two years old. Did someone speed up time over the last couple of years? It’s impossible..

T214: TMA06 and the EMA

I had a very welcome email from the Open University last night informing me that my mark for TMA06 had arrived. I’d been worried about this, because I needed a mark over 80% in order..

T214: EMA – choosing a problem

My T214 study is approaching the end. I’ll be submitting the formative TMA07 on Friday, finishing off Block 4 in a few weeks, then engaging with the End of Module Assessment (EMA) in time to..

Crime in 20th Century Britain

Block 4 of my T214 course is concerned with examining crime and criminal behaviour from a systemic perspective. This is of particular interest at the moment due to the recent riots, and I’m aware that..

T214: Activity 5.8 – analysing your messy situation

This activity asks me to think about the messy situation I’ve chosen for my assignments (Marconi’s descent into bankruptcy) by thinking about my feelings around that time. The question is: Are there any aspects of..

T214: the problem with paradigms

I’m running a little behind with my T214 study but I’m determined to make a few posts about some of the subjects brought up in my readings. I may find these useful when I come..

T214: Activity 5.6 Evolution of the ecology

My systems practice OU module is starting to get really interesting. The use of metaphors to explain situations has expanded to include an organic metaphor – organisations as organisms. This seems to work for me..

T214: Activity 5.2

I submitted TMA05 on Sunday (only 9 days late) and I’m now behind on the coursework that leads up to TMA06. This is not a particularly great situation, considering the amount of readings and activities..

2011 Year In Pictures

2011 Year In Pictures

I’ve somehow managed to reach 200 photos in my 365 project on Flickr. I’ve stopped posting them all on here (not enough minutes in the day to do that) but I’ve been keeping it going…

It’s a lovely day out there

It’s a lovely day out there

The weather is just lovely today. I am also testing out this iPhone WordPress app. Maybe I’ll add a photo too, if I can figure it out

T214 Block 3: Activity 1.3

Here’s another one of those OU-centric posts that will bore everyone stupid. Well, even more-so than my the usual crap I stick on here. This is the first activity I’m writing up for Block 3…

M255: done

Yesterday I spent three highly-stressed hours in a room full of strangers taking an exam. This was the final exam for my M255 Object-oriented programming with Java module through the Open University and I found..