Month: October 2005

Prestatyn here I come

Tomorrow evening I shall be setting off in the direction of North Wales for the “delightful” holiday resort of Pontins in Prestatyn. I know it’s a funny time of year for a short break but..

I never phone, I never write

I’ve noticed over the years that I’m absolutely useless at keeping in touch with my family. I live away from the lot of them, and whereas it’s easy to pick up the phone and speak..

Feeling more confident

After this morning’s news that my company is to have most of it’s assetts (including me) sold to Ericsson we’ve had a briefing from one of our bigwigs. He detailed most of what has been..

Time to learn some Swedish

Well, it looks like I’ll be working for the Swedish company Ericsson soon. I’m not sure exactly how this will affect me in the short term but there will be job cuts along the way…


For the last few weeks my current employer has been the subject of much speculation in the press about a potential take-over. I work for a largish company that has had a lot of trouble..

Flag waving patriotism

I’ve had a couple of really good concerts over the last couple of nights. Friday night’s was a Trafalgar Day job in Lambley Village Hall and tonights was in the TA Centre in Carlton. Two..

Organ Donors

I’ve just signed up to donate all my organs. I’m hoping that they’re going to wait until I’m dead, but I’d like to make sure that there’s no confusion when I peg it. I’d like..

Water, water

A while ago, ok over a year ago, I decided that I needed to drink more water. You know, the recommended 8 glasses a day. I even bought a water dispenser that holds that exact..

43 Things

I’ve come across this really interesting site called 43 Things. It’s a goal-oriented monster blog, or so it seems, where people enter their life goals, however trivial or life-changing that they may be, then blog..

My lip is weak

I’ve been playing my cornet now for over thirty years. This seems like a long time, bloody hell it really is a long time, but there are still plenty of things wrong with my technique..

Why kids are bad #236

Kids are nasty bastards, even when they’re very young. Let’s take the example of the daughter of a mate at work. For reasons of anonymity let’s call him “Tony”. Now, Tony has a five year-old..

Meat is good

I like meat. Meat is tasty and is in no way contributing to any increased risk of cancer, hypertension or any other medical problems that may reduce my lifespan. I ate a bacon and mushroom..