Day: February 5, 2005

Reason why the UK is best

Whenever I think that perhaps emigrating to Canada would be a good idea, I think back to how bloody cold it is in the winter. I’m then thankful for the relatively temperate weather we have..

The Shit List

I’ve just been reading an article in a recent edition of intellectual magazine Front. It’s a list of reasons why it might be just as well to end it all now. Here’s a selection of..

Rhinos are the world best

I’m dead chuffed at the moment. I’ve been a Leeds Rhinos fan for quite some time. Being brought up in Headingley meant that I got to go and see a few games when I was..

Open proxies – denied!

I’ve just added a new plugin on my Movable Type installation that should deny commenters using open proxies from leaving comments on this site. Many spammers use these open proxies and this is a “belt..