Month: February 2005

An email from my MP

I’ve been supporting the Make Poverty History campaign for a little while now, as can be seen by the ribbon in the top right corner of my site, and I’ve used the campaign site to..

Glass Eye

I’ve not posted any jokes for a while, so here’s one courtesy of Kimbal: A man who lived in a block of apartments thought it was raining and put his head out the window to..

Spam spam spam spam etc

While I was asleep those nice people at Spam Central have gone past the 10,000 attempted spam comments or trackbacks and are now sat on the impressive figure of 10,056 blocked attempts. That’s 10,056 times..

Hmmmm, fooooooooood

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s not a lot better in life than good food. I’d probably kill for a good feed. Well, maybe not, but I do really like my food, especially if..

~David Rizzle

Check out this completely bonkers link: It “tranmutliates” your site, any site, into some sort of rude jingo fo shizzle. Some of what it does is seemingly random(ish) but it’s always very funny. These..

Not so slim after all

It has come to my attention that I probably shouldn’t describe myself as “slim” anymore. For my entire existance I’ve always been on the slightly emaciated side of skinny, especially during my teen years where..


I was having a wee in a public toilet the other day and a thought crossed my mind while I was washing my hands. Why do they insist on always having a hot tap and..

Drop of sausage

Jackpot! I won the meat raffle in the pub after band tonight, so I now have a lovely bag full of dead animal sitting in the fridge. I managed to get the mixed grill this..

Random tracks

As per a meme that’s been doing the rounds of various blogs fairly recently, here’s a list of the first ten tracks as chosen by my media player (Rhythmbox) when it is set to “shuffle”…

With love on Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” more than this. Thanks to Dave Payn for bringing it to my attention (duly noted).

9000 and counting

The dozy spammers are still trying to get their crap posted on here. I’ve gone past the 9000 spam comments blocked mark today and they still haven’t taken the hint that there isn’t going to..

World of Warcraft

OK, so I’m officially sad. Or rather, I’m officially a saddo as I’m now hooked on World of Warcraft, the deviously addictive and immersive MMORPG from Blizzard. I’ve been playing the Final Beta (for free)..