Month: September 2004

Easy Urpmi

I’ve just used Easy Urpmi on my Mandrake 10.1 installation. It’s an idiot-proof method of getting your Mandrake Linux configured so that you can use various ftp servers to install software. I’ve used it on..

Sweaty git

I’ve just got back from another three mile run, my first in about a week. I didn’t feel particularly energetic going round today so I only managed it in about 27 minutes, rather than the..

I’m pissed

I mention this “pissed” state in a British sense, in that I’m slightly inebriated, not in the yank way of being upset. I’ve been into town (Nottingham) and been round a few bars, drunk some..

Firefox Adblock list

Rather than blocking each ad as they come up with the rather excellent Firefox adblock extension, why not import a list of known ad sites (with wildcards attached) to block a whole range of ads..

Firefox 1.0 PR

Just installed Firefox 1.0 PR (preview release) and discovered that it has a most excellent plugin installer. I visited a page that required the Flash plugin (which I didn’t have) it realised I needed it..

Mandrake 10.1rc1 installed

Before I set off to work this afternoon I started off downloads of the iso images for Mandrake 10.1rc1, which I obtained from By the time I got home all three had finished (thank..

Taxi drivers = cnuts

On the walk into work this afternoon I was the recipient of a little prank from some twat in a taxi who thought it would be funny to splash me by driving into a puddle…


Well, the new hard drive works OK, that’s a bonus. Unfortunately the PC is still insisting on freezing at inopertune moments, such as when I’m down to the last 19 minutes of the installation on..

This is where I kill my PC

If you never hear from me again, it’s because I’ve caused some catastrophic failure in my PC. I’ve been having a few issues with it recently, notably freezing on boot, and so I’m in the..

Beanz meanz fartz

I spent rather a long time preparing my tea last night, but it was well worth it in the end. I’d decided that I was going to try something like a bean casserole, so I..


The image you see here is of the nice dent that some little scrote inserted into the side of my car with his scooter. I was a little worried how much it was going to..

Default template + IE = shite

I’ve noticed that this site presently doesn’t display properly in Internet Explorer. There are supposed to be two columns, the content on the left and the links on the right, however IE displayers the links..